What I've Read - October 2018

I totally made up for letting my reading down in September. In October, I managed to read six books! Woohoo! And I liked some of them as well! On average, 3.2 stars were given. I hope November will be better on that part!

The First Days

The first book I read in October was a zombie horror novel. The First Days was fun, but just barely. There were good things in here, but not enough to keep me reading the series.

If you want a horror novel with a lot of w-t-f’s and some subplots that are too far-fetched too feel real, this is a book for you!

The Only Rule Is It Has to Work

I found out about this book via a colleague at work. It has a lot of things that I like: there’s a novel-style non-fiction story that explains an experiment done by two stat-guys. Yet, the ending is a bit of a letdown. Also the experiment isn’t really what they say it would be, so that’s a downer.

Here is an interesting book about data-driven development in sports. But it’s useful for any team-related activities. If you want to know more, go get this book!

Terminal Rage

Terminal Rage is the debut of A.M. Khalifa. And what a debut it is. Wow. Pumped with action, great character development and a plot that makes you want to lick your fingers. If you can look past some beginner mistakes, this really is an awesome book!

I really liked this book. This is one you should really look into. If you have some spare time and don’t know which book to read, it’s this one!


After that, I went for some non-fiction in the form of a collection of fun-to-know facts and overly stressed fear. I understand where Adam Alter is coming from and what his point is, but most of the book can be solved by using common sense. Too bad.

This was a fun book, because I know some cool things to say to my friends now. But apart from that, reading this wasn’t really worth my time.

One of Us Is Lying

I’m not a usual fan of Young Adult books so reading this one was out of my comfort zone. But in the end, I was happy that I did. I liked the pace of the story and the mystery that has been put into it. There were the natural Young Adult elements that I disliked, but I managed to read past them.

If you like Young Adult books, check this one out. While it’s not great, it’s a fun read. Give it a try!

The Ajax Dilemma

I ended my month finishing a book that I’ve been reading for over a month. The Ajax Dilemma is a non-fiction story about Ajax and Odysseus as explained by the philosopher Paul Woodruff. I guess that last part is where it went wrong for me: philosophy. I never was a fan. I doubt I ever will be.

If you’re more into philosophy than me, this might be a good book. If you’re not, get this book and read parts 2 and 3. They’re all that really matters anyway.

What’s Next? November 2018

I spent a good amount thinking about what will be next. And what my reading goal should be. So let’s start with that. At this moment, I’m at 69 books overall this year. It would be great to reach 75 in total, so that’s six books. I already know I most likely won’t read a lot in December, so I need to take that into account. I think I can go for five books in November, right?

What’s up with these books? Well, there’s a horror novel which is the theme of this season. I didn’t really make an explicit post about the theme but well, now you know! There’s a non-fiction book about Super Mario. Must be fun, right? The Forbidden Door is part four of the Jane Hawk series. The others fill up list nicely. I’m also looking forward to Brief Cases. But I’m mainly looking forward to Peace Talks so if you’re reading this Jim Butcher, I really hope to read news about that book soon!

There we have it. The reading goal for November is five books. What is your reading goal? And how was your October? Read some fun books? Let’s start a discussion below!