What I've Read: May 2018

Well hello, reader! Welcome to the shortest monthly wrap-up I’ve ever written on this blog. Seriously, I feel bad about it. I had hopes of reading six books, and I only managed three. I will not use excuses. I didn’t use all of my time for reading while I had assumed I would. Bad estimations on my part.

Anyway, enough of that blabber. Here’s an overview of the books I’ve read in May.

Missed Opportunities

I have started in two books that I was planning, namely Building Microservices and Writing Deep Point of View. So it’s not like I completely failed, I just didn’t manage to finish them in time. Then I also planned for Sphere by Michael Crichton. Instead, I started reading The Whispering Room by Dean Koontz. It’s awesome. It will get me back on track in the Jane Hawk series and that is worth it. I regret nothing.

The City of Mirrors

The month started with me spending a lot of time on this very long book. Okay, not the longest I’ve ever read but still. In this closure of the The Passage trilogy, we learn how the lives of some of our favourite characters turn out to be.

I really liked this book. I’ve really liked this trilogy. Where in the first two parts I stumbled upon the time switches, it didn’t bother me here. Instead, it gave this book an extra touch. If you haven’t read this trilogy yet, go pick up The Passage somewhere. Now! If you haven’t finished the trilogy, it’s about time.

I Can’t Make This Up

Kevin Hart is not your typical author. He’s not known for writing books and he does not want to make it as a writer. What he wants is to share his experiences so that we too may learn from them. He does so extraordinarily. This book, which is some sort of autobiography, has an audio-variant read by no one other than… Kevin Hart. I kid you not.

I really enjoyed this book. The content is funny. Kevin Hart is funny. I didn’t expect so much from it, but I had a great time. Thanks, Kevin, for this awesome book. If this one isn’t on your to-read list, you better get to it.


Alistair Reynolds writes a lot of science fiction. He knows his stuff. So when I saw Revenger, which I always tend to pronounce wrong, I wanted to read it. Mostly because I haven’t read any Alistair Reynolds book yet. (Please don’t hurt me!)

While I read a good story here, there was a lot in this book that didn’t make me happy. Not sad either. Just not happy. Luckily, I’ve been informed that this is probably one of the weaker of Reynolds’ writings. So hurray, there might still be a chance that I’ll read another one of his crazy space adventures.

What’s Next? June 2018

My year started great with me reading 10+ books per month. Well that number dropped quickly. I’m inclined to say I’ll put my reading goal for the next month at 4, but I’m certainly I can do 5. So let’s do that. If I don’t read 5 books in June, I quit. I don’t know what I’ll quit yet, but you can be damned right I’ll quit something.

I’m continuing with the three books I’m already reading at the moment. I’ve also got two more up my sleeve. We Are Legion (We Are Bob) is a story that happens in space. Yay, theme book achieved! Next, I’ll read The Rules of Supervillainy for multiple reasons. One is that I like superhero stories. And doesn’t the title just sound awesome??

So there you have it. The five books I will read in June. What is your reading goal? And how much have you read in May? Let me know in the comments section below!