What I've read: May 2017

We did it! We achieved our 5 book goal for the month of May! Yeeha! Now let’s keep this up, shall we? Let’s have a look at the books I read in the past month, as well as one missed opportunity.

Missed Opportunity

I added Algorithms to Live By as a book I wanted to read in my previous monthly post. Instead, I went for Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes. And it was completely worth it. But in the last days of the month, I’ve started reading in the Algorithms book, so you can expect a review soon!

An Unwelcome Quest

The – for now – last part of the Magic 2.0 series, An Unwelcome Quest, follows Martin and his friends through a weird computer game. In this game, the wizards must go on a quest that is full of danger. As if that is not enough, the wizards do not have their magic powers. Can Martin, Philip and their friends make it through the quest alive?

Although I am a fan of the Magic 2.0 series, I didn’t like this book as much as its predecessors. Something was just missing in the end. But it’s definitely worth the read and Scott Meyer is great at making funny jokes. Go on and read it, you’ll like it!

What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

Randall Munroe, the creator of xkcd, has a section on his website where he answers absurd questions with scientific answers. At some point, he noticed he had so much questions to display on his website that he could make a book out of them. And so he did. What if? is a book that explains the most ridiculous things in terms of science. It’s a lot of fun! I swear, at multiple points in this book you will laugh your ass off.

The Maestro

The third book in the Cold Hollow series continues in the town of Cold Hollow, where mysterious events seem to take place at a constant rate. The story brings in the family of the town’s doctor, Tom. They are extremely dangerous and proof to be of great assistance for Myrna, who is busy taking care of certain events in her life. They have an appetite for blood is the least you could say.

I’m kind of loosing my interest in the Cold Hollow series. This is sad because it started so promising. After the second book – which I really didn’t like that much – I hoped that The Maestro was going to be different. And it was different. Just not the way I had hoped for. A lot of events happening seem to clutter the story with useless information and the actual plot is quite poor. Not really a book I can recommend you to read.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable

Patrick Lencioni has a way of teaching. He learnt that the easiest way to explain things, is to first tell a fable in which these topics occur. And so he does in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Apart from the message he wants you to take away – the five dysfunctions of a team – he shows he’s also a great storyteller. It’s an interesting read and totally worth it. If you want to know why some teams fail and what you can do to help them, this book is definitely one you want to read.

Mr. Mercedes

Bill Hodges is a retired detective. A ret det, so to speak. He’s known for solving many cases during his career, leaving only few for his now ex-partner. One of these unsolved cases was the Mercedes massacre in which a Mercedes was used to run over a group of pedestrians. Even though he is celebrated for all those cases, Brady Hartsfield is angry at him for that. How can he be celebrated when he did not solve the case in which the smartest mass murderer of the city got away? And so Brady contacts Hodges in order to convince him that Brady is the Mercedes killer, as well as to end the life of the ret det.

I should really stop postponing to read King’s books. Each time it’s not really a horror book, I think “Hey, maybe that’s a good book but not for now.” After I read it, I wanted to slam my face into the wall for ever thinking that (again). Mr Mercedes is a great detective story where you see the insides of the mind of a psychopath. If you love Stephen King books and haven’t read this story yet, go on and do it! If you’re not really a King fan, I still suggest you read this book. It’s great!

What’s Next? June 2017

I am still so happy that we finished our reading goal for this month! Woohoo! Let’s set up a reading goal for June also. I’m not sure if five books is a goal I can achieve, but four must be possible. So let’s go for that: we read four books in June!

For June, I’d like to go further in two series that I have now started. The second book in the Bill Hodges series as well as the second part of the Evan Smoak series. And I might also give Zeroes a shot. It’s the first book in a series about teenagers with superpowers. But they’re not heroes. Let’s see if this is a series worth getting into.

Did you meet your reading goal in May? What did you read? If you care to share, you can leave a comment in the section below!