What I've Read - March 2018

March has not been the month I hoped it would be. There was a week of stomach flu and quite some stress at work. I can’t believe I said March would be big. In the end, I only finished 8 books. Oh well. Better luck in April?

Here’s an overview of the books I read in March. My average score wasn’t too high.

First off, some excuses

I haven’t finished my e-books last month. I had planned to read Innovation Games and Writing About Villains, but I’m only two thirds into Innovation Games at the moment. So I’ll take those with me to April!

The Never Hero

I spent the transition from February to March reading The Never Hero. This was a fun first book of a trilogy. There’s a lot of potential in the story. But it’s missing things. There’s a lot of blank spots, that I hope will be filled in later.

I guess what I missed most, was anyone in the book calling the protagonist, or anybody else, the never hero. Then why is the book called that way? We haven’t really learnt that yet. I’ll keep you up to date whether you should read this trilogy.


A book that was too long for its story, was Vanguard. It was my first space book in a long while. And that was fun. There’s not much new in this book. If you’ve read some space stories, chances are you’ve read the premise of this one. Sad to say, this book isn’t really worth reading.

The Passage

It was time for me to read a good book. Not just a good book, one that would grip me from start to end. I found it in The Passage. It’s great! I think Cronin is influenced by Stephen King, because it certainly read like a Stephen King story in the beginning.

There’s a confusing part in the middle, I think. But after that, the story is great. It warms you up for a few more stories in that weird, post-apocalyptic world. I can’t wait to read the next book! And you should too!

Building Evolutionary Architectures

In my job, there’s a lot to do about architectures. No, I don’t mean the way buildings or bridges are build. I’m talking about software. Where we used to create one architecture to last an eternity – or so it was believed – we now need to focus on the ever-changing real world. And we need to be capable of dealing with it.

Building Evolutionary Architectures is not the best book I’ve read about the subject. There’s some physics talk and some commercials for the authors. There’s some things in this book that are useful. But a lot of it is common sense. You can read this for some extra information, but don’t expect to learn a lot from it.

The Chalk Man

Another promising book was The Chalk Man. It started great. And purely psychologically, this is a great book. But there’s something missing in this book. The story was quite predictable. That was sad. But still, this is fun book. Go and read it. You’ll see!

Eenmalige Zonde

One of the books I found in a book market recently, was Eenmalige Zonde. A Dutch translation from Stephen King’s Blockade Billy. The first story is Morality. There are better King stories. There’s mystery, but it lacks plot.

The second story in the book is Blockade Billy. This story shows that King can grip you with any story. The ending was quite unspectacular though. If you like King books, you should read it. Otherwise, don’t go for it. It’s not that great.

Agile Coaching

Because of my illness, I wasn’t able to read much. When I got a bit better, I decided to finish a book that I started in over a year ago. Agile Coaching was a great book. Everyone who is interested in either agile or coaching should read it. I mean that.

Red Sparrow

I ended my month reading a story that has been turned into a movie. Red Sparrow had a lot of talk about it. And the book was a best seller. It’s about spies. Since I’m a spy/action fan – thank you very much, Evan Smoak – I couldn’t wait to read this book.

There are a lot of shortcomings in this book. First off, it’s way too long for the story. There is too much buildup and a lot of it is waste. A lot of times, it feels like this book is an erotic thriller more than a spy thriller. Not my taste. Don’t pick this one up unless you have to.

What’s Next? April 2018

I didn’t reach my goal in March. I put it at 9, but I only read 8. It’s okay, i’ll make up for it in April. I set my goal at 8 again this time. I know I can manage that! So let’s look at the books I want to read in the next month.

So what’s in there? We see Innovation Games and Writing About Villains are back. They’ve just walked over from March. There are some non-fiction books, like FIRE, Building Microservices and Reading like a Writer. There’s The Twelve, the follow-up book of The Passage that I’ve read in March. And there’s Starship Troopers. Oh I can’t wait to read that. The animated series and movie always had me siked when I was a kid!

How have you done in March? Did you reach your reading goal? And have you set one for April? Let me know!