What I've Read: March 2017

March is over, so I figured I’d let you know what I read in that month. While I read 6 books in February, I managed to only read 4 books in March. Again, I read some fiction and some non-fiction books. But most that I’ve read was great!


At the start of March, I finished HEX. It’s a book about a town that is held hostage by a hundred year old witch. While she is chained up and has her eyes and mouth sewn shut, she still manages to cause havoc in Black Spring. When some kids start messing with her, she shows the townspeople what she is capable off. And their nightmares come true.

HEX is a great horror book. I’m a great fan of the genre and so I was very pleased when I got to lay down this one. It’s a story that combines creepy elements with human psychology. The book ends with openly, but great. You should really read it.

Orphan X

I have read other books from Gregg Hurwitz so I was eager to read his first book of his latest series: Orphan X. A young orphan is taken by an assassin to be trained as part of the Orphan program. The Orphans are well trained and used by the government to dispose of enemies they can not eliminate in normal fashions.

I didn’t think I would like espionage books, but this one proved me wrong. There’s a lot of action in it and I loved it. The book once again proves that Gregg Hurwitz is a master of an art he is forging himself. It’s a great book and an awesome story. It holds you in a grip. Be sure to check it out as soon as you can!

Weaving the Web

After HEX, I read a book from another horror series I stumbled upon lately. Cold Hollow was a cool horror story that led me to get back in the genre. And so I read the follow-up story in March: Weaving the Web. The story continues the life of Myrna Bradbury as she is the new mayor of Cold Hollow. There are new folks moving into town and suddenly a lot of events start unravelling at the same time.

Where the first book of this series really did good for me, this one was quite a bummer. The horror storyline that I loved in Cold Hollow was replaced by a thriller/detective story. And it was quite obvious who the bad guy was, so I wasn’t very happy after finishing this book. There’s a third part of this series that I will read soon. Let’s hope that one’s better!

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

The only non-fiction book I read in March, was about motivation. And what really helps us in our daily jobs. Our businesses doing it right? Or are we missing out on something? Drive explains that psychology studies have proven that the current widely used “carrots and sticks” model is not sufficient for modern businesses.

What do we need? Autonomy. As much as possible. Teams that are autonomous get more out of their jobs, and thus they are happier for doing their jobs. You won’t need bonuses to trigger your employees. This book tells us a lot of stuff about what we all should know as employers and employees. It’s important! Read it!

What’s Next? April 2017

March has been a good month. Not great, like February, but I’m not complaining. Apart from Weaving the Web, I enjoyed every book I read.

I can asure you I will read Off to Be the Wizard in April! Because I already read it! [Hah][2]! And I’m currently reading the sequel Spell or High Water. What other books do I plan to finish? Maybe Mustaine’s book and the Workout book from Jurgen Appelo. I’m already reading the Workout book. I’m just not sure when I’ll finish.

What have you read in March? Leave a comment and let me know!