What I've read: June 2017

Goal for June 2017? Four books. Did I make it? No. Damn, I failed. I only managed to read three books! I’m not sure how I missed out on the fourth book from my June list – Zeroes. It could be that the first book I read took too long. Or that all books were longer than the average I’ve read this year.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve read in June 2017!

Missed Opportunity

I added Zeroes, a book about young people with superpowers, to the books I wanted to read in June. I didn’t get there though. I started reading the book on the 29th, so it was clear for me that I wouldn’t finish it by the 30th. No problem though, there’s still July!

Algorithms to Live By

The first book I finished last month, was Algorithms to Live By. It explains certain software aspects and shows how they can be used in everyday life. The book has some fun facts to read through, but there was a lot of technical talk in it that I already knew.

I think that’s what I disliked most about the book. But I’ve learnt some fun things as well. It’s good to read if you don’t know anything about computer science. Or has some fun facts to think about when you do. Anyway, find a copy and read it! See for yourself!

The Nowhere Man

The second book I read in June, was also the second book of the Orphan X series. Evan Smoak returns for an amazing adventure as The Nowhere Man, where he faces off against an enemy like whom he’s never battled before.

This book is awesome. If you like espionage stories like James Bond or Jason Bourne, read this! Gregg Hurwitz is a master at writing these stories. If you haven’t already, get this book (or Orphan X if you also haven’t read that one yet) and read it this year! Because in January, the follow-up book Hell Bent is coming out. I can’t wait!

Finders Keepers

After that, I read another second book of a series. This time, it was Finders Keepers. The follow-up book of Mr. Mercedes is another great thriller written by my all-time favourite writer: Stephen King. The story follows Bill Hodges and his team as they stumble across an unbelievable tale.

The story starts a bit slow, but takes you on a kind of flow. Hehe, that rhymes! But it’s true. What I liked most about this book, is the subtle build-up for the third book in the Bill Hodges trilogy. You can be expecting a review of that book, End of Watch, in August at the latest! If you haven’t read Mr. Mercedes or Finders Keepers, you really should. These books are great!

What’s Next? July 2017

Normally I use this space to tell you what I will read in the next month, but this time there’s not so much to tell. I’ve planned holidays in July, so I won’t be reading at the same pace as normal. I’ll make a more explaining post about it in the next few days, in which I’ll also set my July goal.

As for now, go read! And let me know when you find some cool books I might also enjoy!