What I've Read: January 2017

The year has started, the reading challenge is set. The goal for 2017 is 35 books, which is a whole nutty bunch. January started with a blast! I continued in Peter Clines’ Ex-Heroes series. In between, I read a work-related non-fiction book. It was a good month.

Ex-Patriots – Peter Clines

The first one and a half weeks of January were spent in the zombocalypse of Peter Clines’ series. Together with your favourite surviving superheroes, meet the American army as they return to fight the ex-humans! When the heroes are lead from The Mount to the army base of Project Krypton, they discover a dark secret.

Ex-Patriots is fun. The introduction of Legion is nice. Also, the superheroes get to join the army in a battle against the ex-humans, And the army! Confused? Read all about it in this four-star sequel of Ex-Heroes. Saint George wants to do what’s right. Don’t you?

The Agile Samurai – Jonathan Rasmusson

Jonathan Rasmusson’s book on the “rules” of agile software development was worth the three days to read it. The matter is not complex and takes you on an adventure in the world of software engineering. What is the correct path for an agile samurai? What is the silver bullet to success? And what can we do to deliver our awesome software product in time?

You will find most answers to those questions in The Agile Samurai. If you are involved in an agile software project or have been an agilist for some time now, you probably won’t learn something from this book. However, refreshing your memory is always worth your time. This four-star book might bring back memories on certain things you have forgotten about agile. Want to find out? The answers are just one book away.

Ex-Communication – Peter Clines

After reading the entire Harry Dresden series last year, I have grown accustomed to finishing series rather than reading them as separate books. Hence, I quickly followed up in the Ex-Heroes series to discover what my favourite zombie-fighting pop-culture-referencing superheroes were up to. In the third book, Ex-Communication, they fight against possibly the biggest monster they’ve ever faced. This time however, they fight for a bigger cause. They fight to save the world.

In Ex-Communication, Peter Clines introduces the aspect of magic in the world of superheroes and zombies. The start of the zombocalypse is further explained and certain loose ends are tied up. The end of the book enjoys us with an awesome boss battle. Can Saint George overpower the one creature left on Earth that can kill him? There’s only one way to find out… Grab a copy of Ex-Communication and read all about it! I rated it four stars.

What’s next? February 2017

In my previous monthly overview, I suggested I would read the books above. I also mentioned reading Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum book. This would have been my fourth book, if the Ex-Heroes series wasn’t so amazing. Instead of a second non-fiction book, I ended January reading Peter Clines’ Ex-Purgatory. That books is totally worth it!

This month, I’ll switch between fiction and non-fiction. In March, there will probably be less non-fiction books. However, I have left those books out in the passed and it’s due time that I read them. Also, I’m returning to my roots: reading a cool horror book. It’s called Cold Hollow.

What have you read in January? Leave a comment and let me know!