What I've Read - February 2019

February went by fast, as it usually does. The shortest month of the year mostly brings the least amounts of books. But not this year! I managed to read more books in February than in January!

Two Can Keep a Secret

One of the books I wanted to finish in January but couldn’t, was Two Can Keep a Secret. It wasn’t my kind of book. There was just too much blabla, not a lot happening and I thought it read too slow.

Me and YA books, it ain’t a perfect match. But a friend convinced me to give it another try, this time with Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. I’ll give it a go soon!

Out of the Dark

I have waited a year to know how Evan Smoak would continue his journey. Again and again, Hurwitz is able to write great books about his assassin gone rogue. This one is no exception.

I am a real fan of Hurwitz’ writing, but I wonder how far he can keep going with Orphan X. Nevertheless, I’m awaiting the next part of the series with a lack of patience. I guess it will be another year of waiting!

The Hiding Place

I kind of liked the first book by C.J. Tudor and thus decided to read her second one. It was even better than that one, at least to me. This book has a lot of ‘Stephen King’-like twitches and the ending really gets all the hair on your body to stand up.

This was a fun book to read. There’s also a very small nod to the first book of C.J. Tudor. Again, this is done like how the greatest horror writer of all time would do it. Get this book now, it’s great!

I’m still hoping Peter Clines will write another Ex-book. Although he’s given many hints that the next book, Ex-Tension, won’t reach me. A good thing is that he released a collection of short stories which also contains one in the Ex-universe.

I liked this collection of short stories. Clines writes fun stories that allow you to feel for his characters. They also tie in to his universes. Yes, even to the Threshold universe. This is great if you like Peter Clines books. If so, go read this!

What’s Next? March 2019

I read 4 books in February, which is already awesome! I really want to read Dead Moon by Peter Clines, but two books by him right after each other seemed too much. So I started reading the NOFX book first!

After reading the NOFX book and Dead Moon, I’ll read Avengers of the Moon and give another try at the Cold Hollow series. It’s not the last part of the series, but it’s the one after The Maestro. Let’s see if I can like this series again!

So my reading goal for March is 4 books! That’s just as much as I had in February, but I think that it’s realistic!