What I've Read - December 2018

Here it is! My long awaited post for the books that I read in December. Only two books passed my revue, but it was a good month!

Brief Cases

I am a huge fan of the Dresden Files. I’ve been reading these books and stories since 2016 and I can’t wait for book 16 to come out. Jim Butcher posts some updates on his website now and then, and lately he’s given me hope that Peace Talks might be out near the end of the year if not at the beginning of 2020. I really hope so!

Before you read this book, you should read up on the other Dresden Files books. They are all so good. Please go and pick up any Jim Butcher book you find, right now! It’s totally worth it.

The Amityville Horror

I wanted to read this book because of the quote on the back of the book. The author states: “To the extent that I can verify them, all the events in this book are true.” Doesn’t that sound awesome about a horror book? I think so!

The Amityville Horror is a book that really got me hoping that this really wasn’t real. A lot of creepy shit goes down and somehow I hope it’s true, because that’s what my darkest inner voice wants. On the other hand, I am so happy that this book is not a true story. If you want a good horror story, try this one out. It’s really good!

What’s Next? January 2019

I put my reading goal to 50 this year. That’s a bit more than 4 books per month. Quite a lot for a year, I’m starting to fear. Oh God, I’m rhyming again. Anyway, I don’t think I can manage 4 books in January. Let’s go for 3 instead!

I’ve already started Lab Rats, which looks like a great book from the first chapter. An Anonymous Girl looks like a great book, it being a psychological suspense story. And then I want to go for another YA book. I know it’s not the kind that I like, but I enjoyed Karen M. McManus’ first book in this duology. I’m curious to find out if I will like this one!

So my small reading goal for January is three books. What’s yours? And what about the books you read in November, do you think I’d like one of them? Let me know by leaving a comment below!