What I've Read: December 2017

What won’t change in 2018, is my monthly summary post. At least not in its content and frequency. Maybe in structure. I don’t know what the future will bring! However, let’s get back on topic. I’ve read 5 books in December. Here’s my view on them!

Missed Opportunities

In my previous post I wasn’t completely sure about the non-fiction book I’d read. I ultimately went for How Google Works and it looked a little bit more interesting than Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! I’m quite happy that I made the choice.

Death by Meeting

December started with a non-fiction book about meetings. Death by Meeting is a great book that teaches you what is wrong with all the meetings you’re having. Patrick Lencioni has a way of teaching you things by first telling them a fable.

I’ve thought about giving this book as a gift to several people. Not because I think they need it. But because it holds so much good lessons we all need to understand. Different kind of meetings, the content of them, the duration. All those topics are discussed in this book. You should give it a try as well. It’s a great and fun read!

Paradox Bound

After my meetings with mr. Lencioni, I went on a trip down time-travelling lane. One of the books that I had been looking forward to, was Paradox Bound. I’m a fan of Peter Clines ever since I read 14. There has been a click in my head that makes me like his books. And this one is no exception.

This story is really fun to read. It has humour, great characters and a good plot. It explores ideas that I couldn’t have dreamed. Clines is a great storyteller. You should try this one. It’s fun!

Bird Box

After I came back to the present time, I took another book that had spent too long on my list. No paradox this time. Bird Box tells the possibility of a haunting future. Things are out there. And when you see them, you go crazy. Kill-some-people-and-then-yourself kind of crazy. But the book leaves you with so much questions. I didn’t like this story as much as I had hoped. Too bad!

How Google Works

It was the second half of December and I didn’t really know what to do. I wanted to reach that 50th book of my year, and I had to choose between two non-fiction books. I had to, because I had put myself for the choice. I wasn’t really convinced by any of them, but went for the book that gives insights in the working of one of the biggest companies of the last decades.

How Google Works explains the way managers at Google think. Googlers are allowed to help projects when they think they can. They are not punished when they think out of the box, but are encouraged and empowered to drop their own work if they see their help is crucial for a different project. It’s a good book. Check it out!


My holidays started the 22nd of December. I had read 50 books in 2017. I was happy and satisfied. But I must admit, I was already thinking about the coming year. I could already start reading a book so that I could finish it soon in 2018. That would launch me in my quest for my new reading challenge: 60 books.

But I amazed myself. I finished Influx in a period when I normally don’t read so much. I remembered liking other Daniel Suarez titles, so I wanted to give this book a try. It was worth it! After the first overly technical chapter, the book takes you on an adventure with unimaginable technologies. It’s great if you like techno-thrillers. That is a word, right?

What’s Next? January 2018

I’ve already mentioned it. I’m going for 60 books this year. If my internal calculator still works correctly, that leaves me with 5 books per month to reach that goal. So I will not set my goal for January lower. Here are the five I’ll read.

Let’s see. Am I keeping true to my new year’s resolutions? Six of Crows is part of a duology. That fits the bill! There’s three non-fiction books above. Ha! Nailed the second rule as well. Writing Fight Scenes has a blue cover. BINGO! Both Coaching for Performance and The 8-Minute Writing Habit are stand-alone books. Check!

I’m really happy with my December. Packed with books that overall were pretty good. I hope your month was filled with great books as well! You can always let me know by leaving a comment below!