What I've read - December 2016

December 2016. The coldest month of the year has been warming for me. First I was shielded from the cold by the latest story of Harry Dresden, professional wizard and knight of the Winter Court. His fiery magic completed by Goodreads reading challenge as well! For extra warmth, I ended the year with reading Joe Hill’s The Fireman. It was a good month.

Skin Game – Jim Butcher

I finished Skin Game in the first week of December. It is currently the last book of the Dresden Files, which I all read in 2016 (of which more will come in a next blogpost). In comparison to the other Dresden Files books, it is my opinion that this one is the most hopeful to date. Even though the plot had its usual dark twists, there are signs showing that not all is lost.

But the book was cool, as is shown by my five star rating. I think it is the best Dresden File yet. Harry Dresden is awesome as ever, fighting old and new enemies while protecting his friends. The story is filled with loads of action, magic and dark humour. I wonder what the next book (Peace Talks) will bring about Harry, Thomas, Karin and Molly. I kind of missed Thomas and Molly in Skin Game, but the book was full of great new characters (like Goodman Grey). Oh, and by the way, Harry is practising parkour throughout the book. Haha!

The Fireman – Joe Hill

I’ve read a lot about Joe Hill’s Fireman. People compare it to Stephen King’s The Stand and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. But I think that is unfair, Joe Hill deserves a lot of credit for this book. The Fireman is a book that thrilled me from start to finish.

The story follows former school nurse Harper Willows in a realistic dystopia. When all the world is burning, Harper shows that not everybody is going insane. While she is pregnant, she finds shelter in a camp nearby where other infected people live. And the Fireman lives there too. The best part about the book is that in my opinion, it tells a tale that I can really see happening. No, I don’t think there will be a spore disease that causes people to instantly ignite. But the minds of all those people and how they react… It’s great to see it written down so lively.

What’s next? January 2017

January brings a new series to read: Peter Clines’ Ex-Heroes. I read the first book earlier this year and if the Dresden Files weren’t so addictive, Ex-Heroes would’ve been on my 2016 list for sure. I’ve seen it described as a mix of Marvel’s Avengers and The Walking Dead. That and Peter Clines’ great sense of humour.

I will most likely also read non-fiction books related to my work. Jonathan Rasmusson wrote The Agile Samurai in 2010 and it is long overdue that I read it. The Scrum book from Jeff Sutherland will also cross my path soon.

In my next post I will discuss 2016 in books, as shown by Goodreads. Cheers!