What I've Read: August 2017

Time for another recap of what I have read in the last month! I read some cool books last month. Ended a trilogy, started a new series. Learnt some stuff about one of my idols. Crazy, right? I know! So let me show you what I’ve read and what my general impressions were.

Missed Opportunities

I summed up in my latest monthly recap that I would read Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain. And I started it. But I read Mustaine first. I just had that one on my list for far too long. All the other books I mentioned, I finished.

End of Watch

I started the month with the last part of the Bill Hodges trilogy. Stephen King and his retired detective finally get another chance at dealing with Brady Hartsfield. End of Watch is a spectacular end a collection of books too few to call a series. Just like Mr. Mercedes, this book reads like a train. Or like a fancy German car, you could say.

I am a sucker for Stephen King stories. I don’t know why. I really, really, really liked this book. Really! There is so much psychologically thrilling going on. And it ends a cycle brilliantly. If you haven’t read the other books of the Bill Hodges trilogy, I recommend you do that first. If you have… go read this!

Predictably Irrational

Every month I try to read a non-fiction book. This month, it was Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. It’s a book that shows us the irrational behaviour we show every day, and how it can be used to predict certain events. Like how we can’t decide what to buy when we are comparing two items that have are no reference to each other. But add an extra item just for the sake of creating a reference and booya, there you go. Item sold!

There are things in this book that you might know, because it is about human behaviour and most readers I know are human. What makes his book stand out is that he explains his (sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous) experiments in an amusing way. The book itself doesn’t pull you through, but you’ll have a nice time reading it. I’m sure you won’t find it a waste of time.

The Kill Clause

As I am waiting for Hellbent, the third novel in the Orphan X series, I decided I’d read a different series from the same author. The Kill Clause shows Tim Rackley as he becomes an assassin that does the right things. Sounds familiar? I know where Hurwitz practiced his Orphan X writings…

The Kill Clause is a good book. Not special, not spectacular but a plain good book. There’s a lot of action and character build-up. Although the story is a bit predictable, it’s still a great read. I liked it and I can tell you that Gregg Hurwitz is certainly moving up in my favourite authors list. Interested? Read this first book of the Tim Rackley series!


While I might have gone for a superhero-related book, I figured it was time to read a book that was on my list for far too long. Mustaine. The heavy metal memoire by the man himself shows the motivation for creating one of the biggest bands ever in heavy metal: Megadeth.

A lot has happened to Megadeth over the years. Line-up changes happen frequently and not everybody understands why. Mustaine shows us that everything happens for a reason. What’s more? Not that much. Except that he lost the ability to play the guitar in 2002. Want to know how he can still create albums today? Better read this book then, and prepare for an awesome story!

What’s Next? September 2017

As usual, I’d like to take some time to discuss the books I want to read in the next month. I already started to read Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain. I think I’ll finish it in the next week. Then, I’d like to finish some other series. The Program is the next book in the Tim Rackley series. Fight and Flight is the fourth book of the Magic 2.0 series. Wizardry for the win! I’ll also read a non-fiction book this month and I’ve chosen Leadership and Self-Deception.

There you have it. My reading goal for September is 4 books. What’s your reading goal? Leave a comment in the section below about the books you’ve read or are planning to read!