What I've Read: April 2018

Another month passed, another goal achieved! My reading goal for April was eight books, and that’s exactly how much I’ve read! Did I read every book I mentioned in my last monthly post? No.

Plus, I went to see Avengers: Infinity War on Sunday. If you haven’t yet, go do so fast! It’s awesome!

Missed Opportunities

I wanted to read Building Microservices, but I only had the PDF file. Hence, I reformatted to a MOBI and sent it to my Kindle. But it was a complete failure: the pages were filled with gibberish. Too bad, you’d say. But I found another book that I could read: Doing It!

Starship Troopers

I started the month reading Starship Troopers. This book about the battle against bug-like aliens has been on my mind for quite a while now. I remember liking the animated series as a kid and the movie when I was a teenager. Now it was time to read the book.

And the book was disappointing. There were no alien battles. Okay, there might have been one action scene, but mostly this book is just one guy trying to get higher in army rankings. Sad, but true.

Innovation Games

Another book that I had on my list for some time, was Innovation Games. This collection of collaboration games is a great book to help you improve your business. The games fall in different categories, but Luke Hohmann describes them all splendidly. Also, he gives hints and tips that are really useful. Read this! Now!

FIRE: How Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained and Elegant Methods Ignite Innovation

I like it when books are about fire. Not that I’m a pyromaniac or something – at least not that this personality of mine is aware of – but mostly these books mean things. This non-fiction book explains the FIRE method as Dan Ward sees it.

If you want to read a good book about what to do with your projects, read this one. It gives advice as well as examples of things to avoid. A great read. Please do so!

Writing About Villains

Somewhere this month, I decided to read another book to help me with my writing. This time, I took Writing About Villains by Rayne Hall. As is usually the case with her books, this one was great. With a lot of examples and tips, she guides you towards better scenes, characters and stories. A great book for anyone trying to write a story that contains villains.

The Woman in the Window

This year, A. J. Finn published his very first book. To be honest, it wasn’t the best that I’ve ever read. That’s very difficult of course. Seriously though – this book is great. Certainly given the fact that is a debut novel. It is awesome.

Are you interested in how a woman that drinks too much wine and is afraid of leaving her house can solve a murder? That is, if the murder really happened. If so, read this book. It’s a fun read!

The Twelve

I really liked The Passage. I had some issues with some parts of the book, but overall it was great. The second part of the trilogy, The Twelve, is also fantastic. It’s sad that the beginning is almost not about our gang of soldiers we meet in The Passage, but in the end it’s an amazing story.

How can humanity survive, now that a disease has turned a giant proportion of us into vampires, either killing or infecting other humans? Can Peter, Amy and the others save us? If you want to read a (long and) intense story, this is it. They hardly get better than this.

Doing It!

I have found out that management 3.0 practices can really help companies improve their employer-employee relationships. But how do we do that? After reading Jurgen Appelo’s book, how do we really do it?

Here’s where Ralph van Roosmalen comes in. This fine gentleman spent some time putting his experiences into a book. Doing It! is all about experiencing management 3.0. If you’re into non-fiction books that improve companies, you should really read this one.

Reading Like a Writer

The last book that I was able to read in April was Reading Like a Writer. This book provides tips and tricks that allow wannabe-writers like me learn from the greatest authors. It shows you what to pay attention to. Or what to read if you want to learn about particular subjects. Yet, sometimes the examples Francine Prose gives are too long.

What’s Next? May 2018

I barely reached my goal in April. While that reading goal was the lowest I’ve had this year, I’m afraid I’ll have to go even lower in May. Not because I have less time to read. Mostly because the books I want to read are long.

First off, I’m finishing Justin Cronin’s trilogy. Then, there are some science-fiction, space-related books. I end my wish list with three non-fiction books. That means I’ve got all my categories in there. Nice. And to make it explicit: the reading goal for may is 6!

How did you do in April? Have you set a reading goal for May? And have you already seen Avengers: Infinity War? I’m curious to find out!