Top 5 Characters 2017

Last year I gave an overview of characters I found in 2016. At the time, I didn’t have the same pace of reading books like I do now. I wanted to blog, but didn’t have much to say. So I went for a list of characters I had liked the year before. I think it’s fun to do the same thing for 2017. I have looked at my year in books and thought about my favourite characters of the year. Here’s who made it to my list!

5 Jerome Robinson (Bill Hodges Trilogy)

Jerome is the black kid that mows the lawn of Bill Hodges. At least, that’s how we get to know him in Mr Mercedes. He’s a great help in stopping the crazy Hartsfield from making more victims. But what makes him stand out in the trilogy is his ability to remain funny under all circumstances. He has this persona – Tyrone Feelgood Deelight – he likes to play to Hodges. He grows up from it though.

Even though the Bill Hodges trilogy is over, we might read more about Jerome. There are rumours that Holly Gibney, Hodges’ assistant, is returning in King’s next book The Outsider. Who says Jerome can’t make an appearance too?

4 Jazz Bashara (Artemis)

Living in the first city of the moon, Artemis, Jazz is a woman who knows really well how to get into trouble. While she certainly proves she is quite smart, maybe smarter than the average person, she keeps getting sucked into problems that explode in her face. Might be because she’s kind of greedy. She’ll do any crazy plan for a lot of money.

While I already mentioned that I did not like Artemis as much as The Martian, I did like this character a lot. I’m actually hoping that Weir will create a series of this and further indulge us with stories about the futuristic moon cities and Jazz. She proves he’s capable of good and realistic character development.

3 Agent Miller (Magic 2.0)

During the year, I gave a top 5 of Magic 2.0 characters. I already mentioned why he was funnier than the others in the series in that post. Because I already mentioned I missed him in An Unwelcome Quest, it was even sadder to find him missing completely in Fight and Flight. Then again, Fight and Flight was not the best book of the series. Maybe Meyer rethinks his choice of using this character. We might still see him show up at some point!

Because of him not being in the fourth book, I played around with the idea of putting Gary on this list. But while Gary is very funny, he doesn’t top agent Miller. Maybe next time, Gary!

2 Zzzap (Ex-Series)

Some people might not agree with me, but I think the ex-series is great. It takes zombies and superheroes and mixes them up. You get weird, funny and dramatic stories. If you don’t believe me, just read Ex-Heroes. One of the superheroes in those books is Zzzap. Due to an experiment gone wrong, Barry Burke turned into a human shaped nuclear explosion. He is, in my opinion, the most powerful superhero in the Mount.

Why is Zzzap in this list? Because, dear reader, he is extremely funny. He’s well known for making jokes at inappropriate times. He can fly. He saves the world. For all I know, he might be derived from a Marvel character!

1 Orphan X (Orphan X)

My favourite character of 2017 is by far… Orphan X. His real name is Evan Smoak. I mean, come on. Just look at that name already! Ain’t it cool? Smoak is an assassin that was once part of the government. Now, he kills off bad guys that threaten the little people. For me, he’s the coolest guy in town.

Smoak, who goes under the name The Nowhere Man these days, struggles with a lot of issues. There’s the family he never had, the father figure who once raised him but was shot, the love affair that never seems to start…

I think Hurwitz has a lot more plans for Evan Smoak. And they start with his newest book Hellbent. It comes out the 30th of January. I can’t wait to read it!

Who are the best characters you’ve met in 2017? Are they different from mine? Let me know by leaving a comment below!