Top 5 Characters: 2016

Currently, I’m reading Peter Clines’ Ex-Communication. It’s the third book in the Ex-Heroes series and a good read, but I cannot review it until it is finished. So I came up with this idea: I already gave an overview of my 2016 in books; how about I show you my top 5 characters I read about. Of course, this list is restricted to the books I’ve read in 2016. Ready? Here they come!

5. A. Bettik (Endymion, The Rise of Endymion)

During the second half of Dan Simmons’ epic Hyperion series, we get to meet A. Bettik. In Endymion, he helps Raul Endymion to save the girl Aenea. He joins them on their journey. Introduced as an android servant of the poet Silenus, it is shown in The Rise of Endymion that he is actually an observer. This unknown advanced alien race has connections with the “lions and tigers and bears”.

A. Bettik made it to the this top 5 because even though he is not part of the human race, he is very humane. He has some misconceptions and misunderstandings. Apart from that, he has observed humans for centuries and can give great advise. All of that is what makes his character great and fun.

4. Jon Ross (Daemon, Freedom_™_)

In my opinion, Jon Ross is the coolest good guy in the Daemon series. Granted, the other protagonists also play a fine role but I had to choose. I was doubting to list Brian Gragg in this list but my software developer blood made me choose for Ross.

Jon Ross turns up during the investigation about some strange murders. He worked for Matthew A. Sobol, the creator of the Daemon. He helps the authorities in their attempt to stop the Daemon, but is almost killed in the process. After he loses his immunity deal with the FBI, he vanishes underground. He decides to take on the Daemon on his own.

3. Mike Erikson (The Fold)

The Fold is the second book in Peter Clines’ 14 series. It focuses on Mike Erikson, a super-intelligent man who tries to live his life as your average teacher. He has an eidetic memory and a sense of humour. Also, Peter Clines knows how to use pop culture references at their best.

Mike Erikson joins a military program that allows people to travel at the speed of light. The Albuquerque Door, the name of the device, seems to hold a secret that nobody on the program understand. Mike cracks the code of how the Door got to exist. At the end, he shows that he is not only one of the smartest men on Earth, he also possesses a great courage. Hey, I’d like to see you dive head-first in a fight with unseen monstrosities!

2. Pinhead (The Scarlet Gospels)

Finally, an antagonist on this list! Pinhead, who might be better known from the Hellraiser series, is a great character in The Scarlet Gospels. Throughout the latter, the lead Cenobite shows he holds a higher purpose. Yes, he is still the sadistic, arrogant bastard as we have known him from the start (in The Hellbound Heart). But in this story, it is his time to shine.

Clive Barker stated in 1998(!) that he would write this story. In his last answer, he reveals that “I actually want to kind of make Pinhead feel fucked. I want people to make fools of him as he breathes his last and with no hope of resurrection. No sequels.” Does he succeed? I’m not gonna tell. A lot of things change in 17 years.. Read the book, I’d say. It’s a nice horror story!

1. Harry Dresden (Dresden Files)

The winner of this list is by far this world’s only professional wizard. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a real wizard, not a magician. He is introduced as a young grown-up who works for as a supernatural private investigator. This job leads him through the darkest allies as he meets the scariest creatures.

Throughout the series, Harry grows a lot as a character. Starting off as a naive man who is manipulated into several plots, he matures into understanding the dangerous creatures that want to manipulate his plot. Hardened by life-changing events, many which happen in Changes, he takes up the Mantle of the Winter Knight. Together with his friends, he takes on all kinds of evil — going from warlords and werewolves to fairies.

Do you (dis)agree with my list? What are the best characters you’ve found in 2016? Let me know! There’s a comments section below just for that.