The Unrequited Love Poem

This week I took a picture about The Unrequited Love Poem. It was the second topic on the creative writing prompts list I’m following. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and write an emotional romance story.

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She closed the book. After reading the poem, she was certain. She had never seen the words so clear before. She was trapped in a marriage with a man she didn’t love anymore. It’s been that way for a long time now.

She decided for herself that the moment had come to express her feelings. To explain her thoughts and to make it very, very clear. It was time to go.

She started packing her bags. The blue Samsonite had scratches on its side, but still worked as it should. The red trolly from Decent was a different story. It looked like it had never been used. But when you opened it, it almost fell apart. She looked at it and sighed.

“Roses are red,” she muttered. “Violets are blue. I’m packing my bags and leaving you.” Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

She took her dresses and blouses. The idea was to put them in the blue Samsonite. She started folding them so that they wouldn’t have too much wrinkles.

When she picked her lemon green summer dress, she stopped. She took it in both her hands and sat down on the bed. She’d had this dress for almost eight years now. She still remembered wearing it for the first time.

It had been 2006 and it was their first trip together. She had bought the dress not really intending to wear it. It was France they were going to, after all. And it wasn’t summer yet. But when they arrived at the hotel, the weather was beautiful. The first thing she did in the hotel room was change clothes and put on the lemon green dress. Now, eight years later, she still remembered how it felt. How it smelled. But most of all how he looked at her. Like no man had ever done before.

He had put his arms around her waste and she had laid hers around his neck. They almost kissed, but then he pulled back. Only a little. He smiled and said that nobody in the world could be as happy as he was. The only thing more beautiful than the woman before him was the love that he felt for her. Weren’t that his exact words? She wasn’t sure, but it was something like that.

They had danced. For at least an hour. They had made love afterwards. The rest of their little vacation, the sun had shone. She had worn the lemon green summer dress several days. How she wished she could go back to that time. Everything was still so simple then.

She brushed the teardrops from the dress and folded it. She knew this wouldn’t be easy. But she had to go through with it. Would she rather stay in this unhappy marriage for the rest of her life, feeling bad about everything in her heart? The man she had married had changed. He was no longer the romantic lover she had had eight years ago.

With those thoughts, she straightened herself and continued her task. She had to do this. There was no other way.

She decided to work a bit faster. If she would spend time thinking about memories for each piece of clothing, she’d be doing this for another five weeks. She might not even finish it.

After the dresses, folding the blouses was a lot easier. Some of them were already folded in the wardrobe. When she only had two pieces left outside of the blue suitcase, she stopped.

She was holding her cat blouse. It was black with small drawn images of cats all over it. The cats were in different colours and poses. It was her favourite. Over the years, she had worn it so much. It resembled her state of mind. Even after putting herself in all those different poses and moods, she still felt dark inside. Completely black. As if a part of her had died. She just didn’t know how or why that happened.

Wasn’t that what made it difficult to explain this to him? That she actually didn’t know why she no longer loved him? All she knew is that she didn’t feel loved anymore. And she had nothing to return as well.

Another sigh escaped her mouth. She decided to not put this blouse in the Samsonite but instead put it on. The shirt she was wearing wasn’t very special, so she wouldn’t miss it. But the cat blouse felt great on her skin.

Like at some point he had felt great on her skin. She had loved the electric feeling when he touched her. Whether his fingertips caressed her cheeks, moved over her arms or spent time in more secret places. Every touch felt golden. There was nothing she longed for more than to fill that electricity again.

She stood up abruptly and threw her shirt in the corner of the room. She was doing it again! No more. She would fill the suitcase and the trolly and then she was out of here.

She moved a lot faster now. The trolly and suitcase were filled in no time. Well, it still took an hour but compared to the hour she had spent for dresses and blouses that was really fast. All she had to do was pack her jewellery and she was good to go.

She opened her jewellery box and gasped. She hardly ever wore them, and she had forgotten about most of them. The earrings that were his gift for their first Valentine’s day. The ring that was his birthday gift six years ago. She had no idea how he knew her finger size, as she had never worn rings before. But it had fit perfectly. And it still did. He used to have such a good idea about her. Now they were just grown apart.

She took all but one piece. Her wedding ring was also in the box. Why had she stopped wearing it? She didn’t remember. Before she knew what she was doing, she had it around her finger again. It was perfect.

Was she really doing the right thing? She no longer loved him. Did that mean she no longer gave him a chance? Not for the first time that evening, she took out her handkerchief to wipe away her tears.

She took the suitcase and the trolly and walked past the study. She left her clothes in the hall and went in. There was a small couch. It wasn’t a bad idea to rest. She had had a very emotional day.

When he came home, he didn’t find his wife in the living room. There was no activity in the bath room on the ground floor or in the kitchen. Instead, there was a note on the table. He immediately recognised her handwriting. As well as her wedding ring, which she had put on the note.

The note started with a poem. The eight lines tore a piece from his heart. Did this mean she was leaving him? It sure looked like it.

Below the poem, she had written some extra lines.

“Clocks should tock.
Lovers should talk.
We have had many wonderful years
But today I was ready to walk.

Instead I’ve realised
What is there, if not a chance?
Please come up to the study
It’s been too long since we’ve danced.”</em>