Stephen King - Elevation

I started my month with the shortest book in my to-read list. And I finished it in two days! Hooray! But how was this newest of the newest book by Stephen King? Let's find out!

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Stephen King tries to tell a compelling story on these few pages and I think you’re either completely pro or completely against. I am one of the lucky guys. I really liked it!

There’s not much space for plot twists and the story is so short that I cannot speak about predictability. By the time you could predict what was going to happen, you were already readying it. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

King touches political and humane subjects with this story, trying to show the boldness of people against same-sex marriage as well as trying to discuss the very personal view on death. Or Elevation

I liked the originality in this story. I’m left with some questions: how did Scott get his disease - if that’s how you’d call it - or how come nobody asked questions about his miracle run? But while I would normally be tensed about that, I don’t feel the same way about this story. The way King put it, there’s not so much to ask because it doesn’t really add much value to the greater picture.

In this short bundle of pages, there’s even room for character development. I like how Bob and Deirdre evolve through these pages a lot. That said, I cannot think of any reason why not to like this book. Except maybe it could have been a bit thicker and a bit longer. But that’s personal taste! For me this is still a ✩✩✩✩ book.

Did you read Elevation? Did you like it? Or was it something you hated? Let me know and let’s see where our opinions take us!