Stats of 2017 and Wishes for 2018

Wow. The year is over already? It has gone so fast. So much books have passed through my hands. A lot has happened. Many things have been written here. What does that mean? What are the real numbers? Here’s a quick overview.

I started this blog near the end of 2016. First, there were book reviews and past month summaries. Next, there were other kinds of blog posts as well. All while keeping in mind that people might read this and might want different things. Or that I’m not doing something good enough. As this is a learning process for me as well, I try to improve as much as I can. So I’ve let my blog evolve. It’s been quite some months since those changes occurred. Since I want to be an agilist, you can expect more changes soon…

During 2017, I’ve had 286 visitors and 437 page views. From at least 30 different countries! You guys even gave me 68 likes.I hope you know how happy that makes me. And how grateful I am, because I take none of it for granted. I’ll do my best to improve my writing, my style and my content.

For 2018, it would be great to see the amount of visitors double! Let’s put my target at 500. I can only do this with the help of you, Visitors. I hope your year is filled with exciting stuff, awesome books, lots of love and amazing friendships. Don’t forget to bring this blog a visit from time to time! Cheers!