Scott Meyer - Out of Spite, Out of Mind

I've done it! I've managed to read 60 books this year! And if I remember correctly, the year doesn't stop after August either. Hooray! And what better book to reach my reading goal than the latest instalment of the Magic 2.0 series.

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Before I start this review, I want to point out that before reading this book I had just finished Station Eleven which I didn’t like at all. The last Magic 2.0 book I’d read was Fight and Flight and I didn’t find it great either.

So was I happy when I started reading Out of Spite, Out of Mind! Boy, this book has it all. At the first chapter, it is made clear what the goal is. Even though we don’t actually know the problem, it’s clear something needs to be done. And to do that, we go on this crazy time-travelling adventure!

People I missed in previous Magic 2.0 books: Officer Miller and Jimmy. People present in this book: Officer Miller and Jimmy! Yay! Although Jimmy isn’t as funny as he used to be, the scenes with Miller and Murphy sure make up for it. I had a great laugh! Even the two weirdos from the second book of the series make a return. I loved it!

I am left with a few questions though. One being: but what about Todd? Also the fact that nobody asked that question made me wonder a bit.

The character development for Gwen en Martin is great in this book. They take their relationship to the next level and as you’ll read at the end of the book, it results in good (and bad) things happening. But who is the mystery man? I don’t know. And now I want to know. You better finish book six soon, Scott Meyer!

What I disliked about this book was Philip. Not necessarily the character. Also not what happened to him, but mostly that nobody really tried to help him in his personal quest. That was really sad and makes me wonder whether he is the mystery man that is talked about.

Be warned: there are a lot of plotholes in this book. And a lot of things can get solved by open and clear communication. As this is not the case, get ready for a great run of wizardry fun!

I rate this book ✩✩✩✩✩ stars. I was doubting of giving it only four, but just because I didn’t like the way Philip was treated doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the book. I really had a great time listening to this. Thanks to Luke Daniels for that, too.

Have you read Out of Spite, Out of Mind already? Or any other books of the Magic 2.0 series? What are your thoughts about the book(s)? Let me know by leaving a comment!