My Rating Scale

Since January 2018, I’ll use the scale below to rate my books. If you have feedback, just let me know! I do my best to adapt to change ASAP.

✩ - I couldn’t even finish this book. Ugh. I wouldn’t even accept this if I received it as a gift.

✩✩ -  Wtf? What was wrong with this author? Okay, I finished the book. That doesn’t mean I get it. Or like it.

✩✩✩ -  Meh. This book was okay-ish. I’ve read better books. I also read worse. Probably not worth reading again someday, though.

✩✩✩✩ - This book was cool. I could talk about it if you want me to. I’ll provide you with details and recommend it to you, if it’s the kind of books you like.

✩✩✩✩✩ -  Wow. This. Book. Is. AWESOME! I can’t believe it’s over. OMG. Can’t I start reading it again? I must talk about this book. To everyone! It’s so amazing!