Review: Stephen King - The Outsider

There are not a lot of books that can grip you word by word. The more pages there are, the harder it gets. I am very lucky to have found one of those books! Thank you, Stephen King.

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Stephen King has improved his writing a lot over the last decades. I remember reading some stories and loving the beginning and end, but hating the middle parts because they were boring. Instead of that, The Outsider keeps you turning pages time and time again.

He is a master at character development. He is a master of suspense. I can only think of one flaw for this book: I want to know more about the Outsider. We’re left with some questions - as King points out via the voice of his characters. But this is just a minor flaw. I am very happy that I have read this book!

When I found out this book was next in line to the Bill Hodges Trilogy, I was amused. Now that I’ve read it, I completely understand that it was never the Bill Hodges Trilogy. Instead, it’s the Finders Keepers series. But Holly has said something very sad in this book which makes me hope that this is the last part of the series. Although I would like another one just for the answers I crave.

I have been one of his Constant Readers for a long time. And I still am. It’s crazy if you think that he’s still writing two books per year. Dear Stephen King, I hope you keep on writing a lot more books like this one. The Outsider is a ✩✩✩✩✩ book!

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