Review: Stephen King - Mr. Mercedes

I am a Constant Reader. At least, that’s how Stephen King calls us: the people that keep reading his books, one after the other. I’ve read a great deal of King books. Like really, a lot of them. But not all of them. Since I am a horror fan, I’ve waited with the Bill Hodges series as it is more a suspense/thriller story. In any case it’s not a horror story. Last week, I decided it was time to plunge into it.

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Stephen King has a way of gripping your thoughts until – and slightly after – you finish his books. It is the same with Mr. Mercedes. From the first line until the last word, I did not want to put this book down. And after it was finished, I wanted to continue reading. Sadly enough, there were no pages left.

In this first book of the Bill Hodges series, King takes you on a trip along psychothriller lane. There are interesting twists and unexpected events. Characters only come in the story when they are needed, but King does this so profoundly. I have not regretted reading any paragraph of this story.


Stephen King is a master in making you see life through the eyes of his characters. You see with them, hear with them, eat with them and breathe with them. You’ll be happy, sad, angry, relieved, scared and so much more. This book provides a rollercoaster of emotions. And best of all, the ending is great!

I rate this book five stars. Not because I am a King fan, but because I wanted to read this one through in one bit for the last time since I read the last work of his son. I am so happy that there are two more books in this series. Let ’em come!

Have you read Mr. Mercedes? Or the Bill Hodges series? Let me know what you think of it in the comments section below!