Review: Stephen King - Finders Keepers

Shit don’t mean shit. Or at least, that’s one of the statements that keeps returning in Finders Keepers. I finished it today, the second book of the Bill Hodges trilogy. As you might or might not know, I’m a Constant Reader. One of those that keep reading Stephen King’s books. Why? Well, the Master explains it himself in this book.

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“… at least there were books. Books were escape.”

I enjoy the way Stephen King can get you to understand why people do certain things. Even psychopaths have a background story that makes sense. The way characters are introduced in Finders Keepers keeps your grip on you. But there’s a lot of build-up. I noticed when I was almost halfway through the book that we were still working on the background part.

The book reads like a speed train. The characters are great and the plot is worked out perfectly. All the details match and the entire book works out. What I found best about this book, might not be the story itself. In this book there is also a small build-up for the third book. But it is so good. I have no words to explain it.

I really like the series that I’ve gotten myself into currently. The Bill Hodges trilogy is turning out to be really interesting. I rate Finders Keepers 4 stars. Not five like its predecessor, because the plot was just less good. But the build-up for the third book is extremely well-written.

Have you read Finders Keepers? Or Mr. Mercedes? What are your thoughts on those books or the Bill Hodges trilogy? There’s plenty of space in the comments section!