Review: Stephen King - Eenmalige Zonde

Wow people, I’m not having a great time. The stomach flu and I have acquainted. We do not get along very well.

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That said, I managed to finish a book today. Between resting, trying to work which failed and led me back to my bed, I finally got to read a bit.

A while ago, I went to a book festival where I bought some cheap books that I really want to read. One of them was a Dutch translation of Blockade Billy.

This book starts with a short story called Morality. This was not King’s best story. It’s short and simple. There’s this touch of mystery in it, but it’s not played out well and gets lost in its shortness.

Then there’s Blockade Billy. This story proves that Stephen King can hook your attention for anything. He can get you through pages and pages of baseball terms for a conclusion that’s quite sad. Not in the emotional way. Given the length of the story and the large buildup, I assumed the ending would be more spectacular. It wasn’t.

In the end I’m glad I read this because I would have anyway. I’m also not happy because I was fairly disappointed. I rate this book  stars, which is probably the lowest I’ve ever rated Stephen King. Oh please don’t hate me, mr. King. I’m still a Constant Reader.

Have you read Blockade Billy? How did you find it? Let me know in the comment section below!