Review: Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant - Option B

Wow. This is going to be short post. I don’t know how I got this book on my list, but it surely was not what I had expected. It’s written by the COO of Facebook, together with a friend who happens to have written some books of his own. Here’s my review.

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I read the introduction, and then I felt like I knew everything this book had to give. I read the first part of chapter one and then I gave up. It’s just repetition of the same things all the time. And there are other chapters, I know. I skimmed them quickly. Time and time again, it’s filled with repetition. And sad stories about Sandberg and her dead husband.

This is the first book I have not finished in years. Wow. I feel kind of bad because of it. But it’s just like Barbara says on the Goodreads post about quitting a book. This is not the book for me. I’m sorry, but that’s how it is. If this book helps you, great! For me, it’s worth only 1 star.

Have you read Option B? Can you prove me wrong? Tell me! Let me know by leaving a comment.