Review: Scott Meyer - Fight and Flight

“Scott Meyer released his fourth Magic 2.0 book in May! How did I not know this?” That’s what I was wondering in July, when I added Fight and Flight to my list of books. Of course, I had to read it.

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Have you not read – or listened actually, because it’s only released as an audiobook – the book? Then you might want to wait with reading this review. There is a spoiler coming up.

What I like about the series, is the constant humour that plagues the characters. Stereotypes, computer science, female emancipation: all of these are part of the jokes in these books. And that continues in Fight and Flight.

Even though the book was funny and surely had its moments, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’ve had the previous instalments of the series. The main reason (spoiler here) is that there is no real enemy in this book. The wizards are fighting themselves, really. The antagonists of the previous books were so good, that I’ve missed them in this one.

The ending of the book is a real Scott Meyer ending. If you’ve read one of the other Magic 2.0 books, you’ll know what I mean! That ending, and my liking of the previous books, still make me look out for the next part of Martin’s adventures in Medieval England.

I ended up rating this book 3 stars. I was let down by the absence of an antagonist and that hung for the entire book. Knowing Scott Meyer, he’ll be able to make a better instalment for the series next time. At least I’m still looking forward to it.

Have you read – or listened to – Fight and Flight? What did you think of it? Luke Daniels is a beast, right? Leave a response in the comments section!