Review: Saroo Brierley - Lion

Saroo Brierley has the most amazing story to tell. I usually don’t read stories like this. Based on a true story, etcetera etcetera. His book however, was on my list for a long time. And I found it in the Calgary airport on my way home. Of course I bought it. I was curious to find out the story about the kid that got lost in India and lived the life in Australia, only to find his hometown again. Spoiler alert: a lot of luck was needed here.

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Saroo Brierley is five years old when he gets lost from his home. A series of events, in which luck might be the greatest participant, allow him to be adopted by an Australian family. The description on how Saroo got lost is exactly how it would be written if it was a fiction story. And that’s what makes this book so damned good. It reads like you’re reading some made-up story, but you know that it is real.

The rest of the story contains holes which Saroo will never be able to fill in. As much as I am sad for the man himself, I am also sad that this book was not a fiction novel. If it was, surely the holes could be filled up. Now we – Saroo and I – will never know what happened exactly at some points in his life.

I didn’t know what to expect from this book, but I was sure that I wouldn’t like it that much. But I did. While I was on a plane for eight hours, I finished this book in one go. And that’s a lot for me, knowing that this is a non-fiction book that promotes adopting children from countries like India a bit too much. That might be the only downside of this book. I just have to give it 5 stars!

Have you read Lion? Or A Long Way Home, as it was initially called? Were you moved by Saroo’s story? There’s a comment section below for, you know, your comments!