Review: S.J. Delos - So Not a Hero

I’m in my superhero-period. So time for another book in the theme! I could have gone for another one in the Supervillainy Saga, the series I’m currently reading, but I decided to go with another book. This time, I went with So Not a Hero.

Imagem de capa

Wow. There are many treasures in this book. Well written emotional scenes. Multiple sex scenes, some more explicit than others. And a superhero battle to lick your fingers clean. But there’s a problem. While I understand all those different scenes can be useful in a superhero book, I would expect a lot more of the superhero battles. And there is only one.

Instead, this book focuses on a very sexist way of looking at the protagonist. She is an enhanced woman who looks and acts like a sex object. So do all the other women she interacts with – except for her mother. Apart from that, there were so many cliches. Auch.

So Not a Hero did not fill my expectations. The excessive objectification really ruined the first half of the book. And the best parts were the last three chapters. Only then the story got interesting. For me, this is a ✩✩✩ book. First I was going to rate it less, but then I figured that the scenes that might have been too much, were well written. Just because I don’t agree that they should be in the book doesn’t mean they can’t be good, right?

Have you read So Not a Hero? What did you think? Let me know by leaving a comment!