Review: Rayne Hall - Writing Deep Point of View

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, I am a fan of Rayne Hall’s books. They help (starting) authors in improving their writing. After reading a few already, I decided it was time to pick up Writing Deep Point of View. Because I’ve felt the strengths of it. Here’s my review.

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This book is filled with tips and tricks to improve your writing. It doesn’t explain what is better than the other, just what readers expect when going for deep point of view. Hall is good at explaining that this writing style is not the only existing one. Indeed, she provides exercises as well as multiple references to best practices.

One thing I especially liked in this book were the examples given. Rayne Hall is a fan of using her own work as examples for her teachings, but that doesn’t stop her from coming up with alternatives. The end of the book includes some excerpts from her work to help you, but throughout the chapters she mostly thought of new, small examples. Good job!

I liked this book. I can’t wait to practice this on my own drafts. I feel that with the knowledge gathered by this book, I can push my writing to the next level. That’s more than I could wish for. I am a fan of these books. Writing Deep Point of View is worth another ✩✩✩✩✩. Well done, Rayne Hall.

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