Review: Peter Clines - Paradox Bound

This year I’ve said it a lot. And yes, I have read a lot of books from authors that I like. Peter Clines is one of them. I am a fan of the Ex-Heroes series and his other connected multi-verse books. So naturally, I was excited when I heard he was writing a book about time travel. I was really looking forward to this book!

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“Effect sometimes comes before cause.” – Harriet Pritchard

love the idea behind the story of this book. It is a time travel, mystery and suspense novel all in one. And the story is put together really well. I was already a fan of Clines, but now I’m even more into his books. For those that know him from his other novels, there’s a small reference to zombies in this one and even a cool reference to the multi-verse. Can you spot it?

So, will I recommend this book to people? Yes! Did I absolutely love this book? No. Don’t get me wrong. I meant it when I said I love the idea behind the story. The ending just let me down a little. Although I know the ending, some things were not made explicit. And that would not have been a shame. Now it… kind of was.

In his afterword, Peter Clines mentioned that there might be a follow-up story regarding Harry’s parents. Mr. Clines, if you’re listening: I’m looking forward to it! And to your next Ex-Heroes book… And to your next multi-verse book…

I rate this book 4 stars! Which means I totally liked it! But was let down by something. What’s your opinion? Have you read Paradox Bound? What are your thoughts on the story? Let me know in a comment near the bottom of this post!