Review: Peter Clines - Ex-Patriots

Ex-Heroes is a series written by Peter Clines. I started reading the second instalment, Ex-Patriots, a few months after reading its predecessor Ex-Heroes. Protagonists in this series are superheroes who fight in a real zombocalypse. It’s mostly described as a mix of The Avengers and The Walking Dead. The series is great, fun and reads quickly. Here’s my review of the second book, Ex-Patriots.

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Brief Recap

Eight months after the events of Ex-Heroes, the surviving superheroes of L.A. are doing their best to keep the lives of all humans in The Mount as good as possible. Under the circumstances, of course. Outside the walls, ex-humans are still walking around. They clack their teeth constantly. The only fun the sentries are having these days, is finding former celebrities that are walking around Hollywood as ex-es. And when they find them, kill them to get the most points.

During a mission, Saint George and some scavengers notice an automated airplane to fly over them. Zzzap, who can apparently also receive radio signals, notifies the people steering the drone of their existence via the radio’s frequencies. Not long after that, a team of supersoldiers shows up at The Mount to save the day. These soldiers participated in a military project, Krypton, that turned them into superhumans.

After a misstart, with a climax of Saint George throwing punches with Captain Freedom, the army invites Stealth and Saint George over at their base. They are interested in the Cerberus armour and so Dr. Danielle Morris also joins the superheroes to the base. But soon they find out that the army might not be so trustworthy as they sound.

Characters to Keep an Eye on

Here’s a list of characters you’ll follow throughout the book.

My Favourite characters in this book are The Driver and Zzzap. Zzzap is really funny in the first half of the book, while Cesar gets his book-time in the second half. They are both really cool characters.

My Two Cents

I liked the first instalment of the series, because it was a new and cool concept. Superheroes were fighting off thousands of zombies that rushed them in Los Angeles. It was a standalone book. I didn’t know how the second book of the series would be and was happy I got the chance to find out.

Ex-Patriots shows that the series is far from over. The end of the book leaves room for a few more storylines. New characters are introduced, new friends are found and new enemies are made. And then there’s Legion. I really love how Peter Clines introduced him. Really, read the book and tell me what you think of it.


Even though I had a good laugh when reading this book and I really enjoyed it, I cannot rate it 5 stars. The book wasn’t as good as The Fireman. So I have to rate Ex-Patriots lower. In my opinion, it deserves 4 stars. The book has a lot of great elements: a nice buildup, funny characters, a strong plot. There’s room for more events in this ex-universe. And I think they will be great.