Review: Peter Clines - Ex-Isle

The last book to date in the Ex-Heroes series is Ex-Isle. Peter Clines’ superheroes vs zombies books have already scored high for me. But what’s up with this one? What happens to Saint George and the other superheroes? Let me tell you.

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Brief Recap

Some time after the events of Ex-Purgatory, Zzzap started searching the world for other survivor groups. At some point, he finds a cluster of ships in the pacific ocean: an artificial island. He immediately returns to Los Angeles to inform the others of his discovery.

Saint George is busy with Eden, a project where the survivors are working on a garden to provide more food for the Mount. Eden is secured and has people working there, but they could use extra powers. That’s where Saint George comes in. Or at least, that’s the original plan. Because when Zzzap informs him there are survivors floating around in the ocean, Saint George is the first to suggest to vist them and see if they need any help.

And so Saint George, Zzzap and the Corpse Girl fly off to Lemuria: a group of boats tied together with ropes that is led by a superhero named Nautilus (A.K.A. the wereshark). Once on Lemuria, they find the people don’t want their help. Instead, they call the superheroes liars and keep them captive. Saint George, Zzzap and the Corpse Girl will need to figure out what’s going on, why the Lemurians don’t believe them and how they can help those that want to be helped.

Meanwhile in Eden, Danielle is working on the Cerberus suit. She has taken the position of Saint George to go to the project and has more zombie-issues than ever. But things aren’t right at Eden. The Unbreakables are up to something. Some old members of the Seventeens feel like they don’t belong there and the fences can’t really hold out all the ex-es. Can Danielle overcome her problems and save the day?

Characters I’ve Missed

Just like last time, I will give you a list of characters I’ve missed. I can keep adding lists here about the great characters Clines created for his superheroes, but we already know them. So here are characters who I feel were left out.

I’d like to mention that my previous Characters I’ve Missed list contained Zzzap and the Driver. Clines gave them greater roles in this book, which is really awesome. Zzzap is great and Cesar is nicely making his way up my favourite superheroes list.

My Two Cents

Ex-Isle is another great book in Peter Clines’ superhero zombocalypse series. Where previous books focused more on one plot, this one focuses on two. While Saint George, Zzzap and the Corpse Girl are out to the island, the Driver and Cerberus are fixing the problems at Eden. So that was new and a bit confusing at first. However, Clines does this perfectly.

This book does not introduce a new supervillain. There is no returning supervillain either. Instead, as was the case in Ex-Communication, an old superhero has chosen the dark side. Nautilus, once a superhero like Saint George, has done horrible things. But can he be stopped? Read the book and find out, together with Saint George!


I have mixed feelings about this book. The story was good. Not as great as Ex-Purgatory, but still really good. But the series is over. For now. Peter, if you read this, please continue this series. It’s great and funny.

I rate this book 4 stars because, like I said, I’ve read a better book in this series. Have you read the series? Or at least a book of it? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section below.