Review: Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble & Gene Kim - Accelerate

I've seen the Accelerate book pass multiple times already, both because colleagues were reading it as well as by people I follow on Twitter. I read a Gene Kim book before and figured that if he'd worked on this one, it must be good. Here's what I think of it.

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The foreword, written by Martin Fowler, explains the concern I’ve had about many articles over the last years. People tell us what they’ve learnt but not how they’ve learnt it. See it as a form of deliberate partial transparency. This book tries to provide a more open form of the research the authors have provided over the past years.

The first part is more about doing software projects the right way. The authors explain a lot of DevOps techniques I believe in as well as mention the strategies they believe provide the best outcome for a software project. In most parts, I agree with them.

Then there’s a part about the science behind all their work and how they came to their conclusions. This part was interesting because it gives away details I didn’t know before. Also, it’s not rocket science so it was generally readable even for a non-researcher like me.

The book’s last part explains how you can achieve the strategy they describe in your own company. The presented case is ING NL, where an agile transformation has improved their way of working a lot. This was a good example for the book as it does show what is necessary to get it right.

I liked this book but think I had my hopes up to high. I learnt things about the science behind the DevOps strategies. That was great. Afterwards though, it felt like something was missing to make this a great book. Hence, I rate it ✩✩✩✩!

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