Review: Monica Leonelle - The 8-Minute Writing Habit

I have a dream. In this utopia, I am doing the work I’ve always wanted to do: writing. Somehow, it’s never gotten to that point. I spent last year reading a lot, thinking that by reading books you also learn what works and doesn’t. Now it’s time to take it a step further. Will I become a writer if I only keep reading? No, of course not. To become an author, one has to write.

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So I went online and found me a great deal of titles that could help me at it. The first one I wanted to try is The 8-Minute Habit by Monica Leonelle, because it is said to help people start writing. Well, here are my thoughts on this book.

I very much liked this book about writing. It’s simple and explains its tips very well. I read the first chapter and was astonished. Monica Leonelle had described me as if she knew me personally. Which she doesn’t.

Monica Leonelle wants to help writers build up a habit that helps them in their career. This very educational book helps people like me to get started writing. Or so I hoped. What’s good is that there are tips and tricks in there. But what I would like is some help with the very first step as well: outlining. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just overthinking it. And maybe I just need to start doing it.

I have found this book helps me. I actually thought I could help other people in a similar way. Because the tips Monica Leonelle gives don’t only hold for writing. They help you form a habit. For people who want to do something, that might also be useful. And in doing so, I could start making my own dream come true.

As a first book on writing, this one already proved a useful resource. It’s not the kind of book that I would advice to everyone, but some of the techniques might be useful for everyone. In the same or in a different context. Anyway, I’d love to see me use this in action. I rate this book  stars.

Have you read The 8-Minute Habit? If you’re stuck in writing, give it a try! If you’ve already have, let me know what your thoughts on it are. I really like to know!