Review: Matthew Syed - Black Box Thinking

I can enjoy a good non-fiction book. After reading great works like Leadership and Self-Deception and Innovation Games, I always try to keep my eyes open for other great self-improvement publications. I found one in Black Box Thinking: Why Some People Never Learn from Their Mistakes – But Some Do.

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As the author explains, Black Box Thinking is not about thinking about certain things as ‘black boxes’, things that we don’t know (or want to know) the internals from. Instead, it’s an analogy to the aviation sector, where black boxes are used to learn and improve the flight processes.

Matthew Syed brings up examples in a way that many fiction artists are jealous of. He builds his story perfectly and brings up tension in the right places. What’s even better, next to the many examples he tells a story about himself. How Matthew himself is human and thus susceptible to making mistakes.

I agree with Matthew Syed. If you want, I can explain the contents in great detail but I don’t want to spoil the book for you. I think it’s best if you read it for yourself! Please do so. This is a ✩✩✩✩✩ book. World class!