Review: Matt Cohen - Blockchain

I’m interested in new technology. But sometimes I’m a late adopter. Blockchain is such a topic. I’d like to know more about it, not for its cryptocurrency solutions but for other fields in which it might create new opportunities. For that reason, I read Blockchain: Complete Guide to Understanding the Blockchain Technology Revolution and the Future of Money. Too bad it wasn’t what I hoped for.

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Cohen gives some explanation on what Blockchain is, but he doesn’t go deeper than “it’s a chain of blocks”. And I didn’t need to read this book to figure that out. Sadly enough. The view on blockchain is too high-level for the details that I was looking for.

Most of the book is an economy guide to cryptocurrencies. It provides an overview of the biggest ones out there, as well as a “guide” – A.K.A. common sense – on how to make money with them. There are a few references to usage of blockchain outside of the financial sector, but they’re limited.

Overall, this book was not what I expected. The one positive thing: it was very short. I can’t call it a waste of time because… it hardly took any time to read. I rate this book 1 star, giving it the worst rating I’ve given ever on this blog. Auch!

Have you read Blockchain and disagree? Or do you know blockchain books that do explain the technology? Let me know via Twitter or by leaving a comment below!