Review: Marcus Sakey - Written in Fire

After I’ve read A Better World, I posted about my review on Twitter. I always do this. I don’t always get a response though. Last time, Sakey answered.

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I wanted to read Written in Fire immediately. But I also had Hellbent. And I knew that would be great. But afterwards, and after all the books that I wanted to read this month, I decided to go for it. No more waiting. Let’s see if it was really written in fire!

Marcus Sakey proves with this book that he can really do anything. And it works. Anything that comes out of his head seems to be worth writing down. There is no part in this book that I disliked. Instead, I wanted to take this book with me everywhere I went. The fact that I listened to the audiobook and that it was read by Luke Daniels helped, of course.

I liked A Better World because it introduced more POV’s then the first instalment of this series. Boy, did I like Written in Fire! There are more POV’s here. Shannon is more in this book, which is always a plus. I can’t really say more. Because I would ruin it for you. It’s just so good.

As this is the last part of the trilogy, a lot of threads get cleaned up. And Sakey does it nicely. I really enjoyed this 5 star book. It’s worth the read. You should really try it!

Have you read Written in Fire? What are you thoughts about it? Let me know!