Review: Marcus Sakey - Brilliance

Ten books already in January! That’s the pace I’m setting. I’m amazing myself. So when I was looking for a book, I was directed to Marcus Sakey via Twitter. When I looked him up on Goodreads I found… some shelved books already! Apparently I already ran across Sakey in the past and put him on my to-read list. With Brilliance, I started his trilogy about “brilliants”. Here’s my review.

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“Maybe the world would burn. But if truth was all it took to start the fire, maybe it needed to.” – Marcus Sakey

Brilliance follows the life of Nick Cooper, a federal agent. A special agent. A brilliant. He fights terrorist brilliants. People just like him, only they hurt innocent people. While Cooper is a great character, he sometimes proves to be a dumb hypocrite. The other characters make up for it though. Like Shannon. She’s great!

The plot in this book is awesome. It reads like a high-speed train! How come I didn’t read this book earlier? I don’t understand… Although the plot is not something that would normally grip me like this, I think it’s mostly the characters that do it. Sakey did a great job on them.

For me, this is a 4 star book. It’s certainly great and I know who else would like it. But I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. Now that I read this book and found out it’s the first in a trilogy, you can expect more reviews of the Brilliance Saga soon!

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