Review: Marcus Sakey - A Better World

Today, I finished the second book of the Brilliance Saga. After reading Brilliance, I thought this trilogy was pretty cool. I can tell you: I knew nothing. I am so glad I found these books. I should have read this so much sooner. A Better World is a masterpiece. Here’s my review.

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I remember liking the first instalment of this series. I know Nick Cooper was quite a hypocrite. Though I can relate to him better now, sometimes he’s still just plain stupid. But he’s starting to realise that. So that’s nice.

There are different point of views in this story. Sakey does it so well. You really experience the same as the characters in this book. Whether it’s a professor on the run, an abnorm preparing an assassination or Nick Cooper, we totally feel with him.

While the plot of Brilliance was cool, the story in A Better World is even better. For me, definitely 5 stars. This book makes you wish it never stops. Thank God there’s a third instalment. I’ll surely be reading it soon.

Have you read A Better World? Did you like it too? Let me know in the comments section!