Review: Leigh Bardugo - Six of Crows

It was September when I added Six of Crows to my list of books to read. Back then, I only knew that it was a fantasy and a fiction book. And it received immensely good reviews. So it ended up on my list and remained there until the first of January this year. I started this book of which I actually had no clue what it was about. Here’s my review of the book!

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“No mourners. No funerals.” – Leigh Bardugo

Without knowing what this book was about, I started. It became clear quite fast that I should have done a little bit of research. Apparently there is a series that takes place before this book and on Goodreads it is recommended to read it first. Too bad, I didn’t. You don’t really need it. The places, people and manner of speech all just sound like nonsense in the beginning.

There is so much potential in this book. But there are also letdowns. Kaz Brekker and his crew are the most lucky people to have ever walked the earth. Given the complexity and things that can go wrong with their plan, they set through. With unbelievable luck and a naiveness that is too profound for anyones good, they make it through. Or do they?

But the first chapter of this book was great. It held elements of horror and mystery more than the rest of the book. A great opener is all it takes to get you through a book. Even if the rest seems to take too much time. Like the backstories or the conversations between people. Although all are necessary, they seem overdone. And then there’s the last chapters. After getting to them and already mentally postponing reading the follow-up book, the last chapters convinced me to read the follow-up story: Crooked Kingdom.

In the end, I was kind of let down by this book. Most of the time I felt like there was too much information and not enough action going on. And it all seems implausible. I therefore give this book 3 stars. But I have hope that the next book will be worth it.

Have you read Six of Crows? What is your opinion about it? Let me know by posting a comment!