Review: Kevin Hart - I Can't Make This Up

Sometimes I read fiction. Sometimes I read non-fiction. Most books I read are serious though. Okay, some fiction books make me laugh more than others, but at least the plot is serious. So I doubted what I would do when I picked up I Can’t Make This Up. This book written by a comedian, was it worth the read? I went to find out. Here’s my review!

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This really is a good book. I can’t say it differently. There’s good advice and funny jokes. Some stuff is so f*cked up, you’re really wondering whether it was made up or not. But in the end, I believe it. Although he mentioned he didn’t read any book himself, I seriously doubt that. He is very good at ending chapters with enough tension for you to read the next.

Some things were extremely funny. I actually listened to the audiobook and it is read by Kevin Hart. Which he does great! But while things were funny, there were details I didn’t need to know. Seriously Kevin, if that man does not show up at my door promising me a million dollars for telling how you lost your virginity I WILL KNOW IT FOR NOTHING. I CANNOT UNKNOW. DAMMIT.

I Can’t Make This Up is a collection of life lessons and explains the story of Kevin Hart growing to the great stand-up comedian he is today. It is an excellent read. I cannot give it less than ✩✩✩✩✩. It’s great. Just take my advice and read it, stupid!

Have you read I Can’t Make This Up? What’s your thought on it? Did you try the audiobook? Let me know by leaving a comment!