Review: Justin Cronin - The Passage

Sorry for me not blogging a lot recently. Things have happened. Anyway, I’ve managed to finally finish another book. It has been a while. It’s been a long book as well. Who knew. I came by Justin Cronin’s The Passage series after a tweet from Stephen King. He recommended the third instalment. That was interesting. Thought I’d not skip books one and two, and picked up _The Passage_. Here’s my review.

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The Passage is apocalyptic – at its best. There is so much chaos. There are multiple point of views. And it’s all done really, really well. Cronin proves to master the art of different, deep points of view. An example: the beginning of the story notices many details from the first point of view. Not all details matter. But they make it real.

Something bad happens. And then the world as we know it falls apart. The first part, the build-up, is awesome. Then there’s a strange, maybe rushed part and then there’s the real story. I struggled with the rushed part. But I loved the ending. This book was well worth the read!

Whenever in the future I’ll be asked what kind of books I like, I’m sure this one is going to be on my mind. I can’t wait to read the next instalment(s) of the series. There are so many things that can happen. This story is great! Worth 4 stars. Read it!

Have you read The Passage? Did you also like it? Or do you have a different opinion? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!