Review: Justin Cronin - The City of Mirrors

Wow. I’ve done it. After a long time – too long time? – I’ve finished The City of Mirrors. This third instalment of The Passage trilogy is a great addition to my list of “long books one must have read in his life”. Here’s my review of the book. Spoiler alert: I liked it.

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The City of Mirrors takes off after the events of The Twelve. With Peter, Michael, Sara, Alicia, Hollis and plenty more. While the previous book only spent about 5 years in this crazy post-apocalyptic universe, The City of Mirrors spends over a thousand. Where I found the transition a bit too fast in The Passage, I can’t say that is a problem in this book. Cronin does it perfectly.

Cronin has mastered the skill of character development. Be prepared to feel sorry for Tim Fanning, the bad guy in this book. At the end, he was the first character I felt Cronin did real justice. Then I figured why I didn’t feel this way about the protagonists. The reason is simple. After almost 100 years of living with them, it was time. I didn’t feel bad for somebody dying or happy for somebody else not dying. It’s as if these events were meant to be. And Cronin builds up perfectly for it.

I have not been kind enough when I mentioned I liked this book. The City of Mirrors is a masterpiece. Written with empathy and thrilling action. As a horror fan I might have preferred a more unsettling ending, but that’s just nitpicking. Really, this is a ✩✩✩✩✩ story. Give it a try!

Have you read The City of Mirrors? What’s your thought on the story – either stand-alone or trilogy? Let me know by leaving a comment!