Review: John Whitmore - Coaching for Performance

I’ve been looking for a train book. What I mean with that? I’ve been travelling with the train a lot lately. So I wanted to read something when I was on the train. And I wanted to read a book about coaching. Coaching and training. Haha, see what I did there?

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I found Coaching for Performance: GROWing Human Potential and Purpose in the library at my work. From there I took the book and started reading it. Here are my thoughts about it!

Coaching for Performance is a widely known book about the subject. Many coaches have read it and even at my job a lot of people who have no coaching role have had their fingers on this book. So, I figured, why is that? Or as John Whitmore would ask: what are the reasons for that?

The book describes a simple technique to help you coach other people. The GROW technique – Goals, Reality, Options, Will – is an easy, four-step plan that helps coaches. For instance: my goal is to read 60 books this year. The reality is that I’ve already managed to read 51 books last year. So what options do I have? Shorter books, reading more, reading better choices of books (by which I mean I would no longer read books that I don’t like). So what will I do? I’ve already explained that I will vary the books more often. And I expect to have more time to read this year. So that should do the trick!

I found this book very useful! Not every chapter was as useful as the ones about the GROW technique, but still worth the read. I even took pictures from this book. I’ve never done that before!

For me this book is worth 4 stars. Not really a book that I want to talk about with everyone, but I am glad that I read it. And if you’re into coaching, you really got to read this book!

Have you read Coaching for Performance? What are your thoughts on it? Or are you interested in reading it? Just let me know. The comments section awaits you!