Review: Joe Hill - Horns

I am a fan of Joe Hill’s work. I’ve had some plans on reading his books even before I read The Fireman. So it was about time I got to read Horns. And while I didn’t really have very high hopes, I was curious for this book that has turned into a movie as well. Here’s my review of the story.

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This book surprised me. I read other Joe Hill books before, so I knew what he was capable of. Still, this story is so psychologically cruel… How I like it best! Ig Perrish has so much bad luck and goes through such bad, real, experiences. It’s hard to believe he didn’t go insane. Or maybe he did.

Of course, there were parts in this book I didn’t like. There’s a lot of build-up near the beginning, which I think is too much. I think they were just meant to fill the book, which is sad. There were some parts that are mystical, but there’s not so much explanation about it. Hill could have done better, in my opinion.

Near the end of the book I was convinced once again that Joe Hill is a great talent, just like his father. I expect many more great books from him. Really, Horns is a great book. My rating for this book is 4 stars, and I advice many people to read it. It’s really worth it!

Have you read Horns? What did you think about Ig’s story? Let me know in the comments section!