Review: Jason Matthews - Red Sparrow

Out in cinemas: Red Sparrow. Based on the bestselling book with the same name. Sounds like music to the book-loving ears, right? My thoughts exactly! So I added the book to my list and picked it up. Here’s my review.

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I started reading this one with high hopes. It’s a thriller about spies. As a fan of Orphan X, I thought this would turn out great. But then the truth hit me. And the very slow buildup. And the characters with names too complicated to remember given the amount of time they’re in the book in the beginning. Confusing as hell!

After the buildup, you get to the point where you start thinking you’re reading an erotic thriller. There is so much sex in this book. It annoyed me. Don’t get me wrong. I can take a few scenes on the topic. But this was too much. Apart from that, the story is okay. But a lot happens. It seemed to me like this book could have been two hundred pages shorter.

In the end, I was not happy with this book. I’m not going to read the next parts of the series. It just let me down. The plot was alright, so I give this book 3 stars.

Have you read Red Sparrow? Did you like it more than me? Let me know in the comments section.