Review: Iain Reid - I'm Thinking of Ending Things

I’m starting to run into problems. Of the books I read, most of them are chosen at a monthly rate. I mostly put the books aside that I’m going to read in the next month. When I run out of books, I pick them off my to-read list. My very long to-read list. Many times, I can’t choose!

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And so I find books that have been on that list for a long time. Like I’m Thinking of Ending Things. This one had gotten on my list because Goodreads has tagged it as a horror book. As a fan of the genre, I had to read it. Here’s my review!

I started this book without any expectations. Like I said, I mostly needed just something to read. From the first sentence, I was into the story. I’m Thinking of Ending Things. It was really hard to put down this book at times. In the beginning it was okay, but near the end I was so gripped by it. I had to finish it to know what was going on!

Even though you don’t know a lot about the narrator, you soon get this “watch out, girl” feeling. You’re really living the life she’s leading. The story builds up to a point where the author punches you in the face. Or at least, that’s the feeling you get. Well done, Iain Reid. Well done.

This book is worth 4 stars for me. Especially the ending. I loved it. I had the urge to re-read the book instantly. That doesn’t happen much. Now I’m really looking forward to what more Iain Reid has to offer. Can’t wait to read again!

Have you read I’m Thinking of Ending Things? What are your thoughts about the book? Let me know by leaving a comment!