Review: Gregg Hurwitz - Troubleshooter

I’ve been reading quite some Hurwitz books this year. The reason is that I had already read one or two before I found his Orphan X books. And they are awesome. That made me look towards a different series written by the same author. The Tim Rackley series, named after the main character, has shown potential but hadn’t yet gripped me like Orphan X did.

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Until now.

Troubleshooter is the third instalment of the series. It’s about biker gangs, terrorism, police employees getting shot or killed and so much more. One thing is sure: this book is packed with action. You follow Tim Rackley as he is put on a case that seems to be the worst case he has had. Ever.

In the beginning of this book, I figured it was quite predictable. I knew part of the story before I actually read it. However, there are twists that make you think “but hey, isn’t this or that supposed to happen now?” And you know it’s coming. Just… not yet! You could say that the suspense level of the series has risen to new heights with this book.

I have been doubting about the rating of this book. At certain moments while reading, I figured it was max 4 stars. But as the ending came closer, I was certain this is exactly what drove Hurwitz to the Orphan X series. After finishing it, I can share without a doubt that this book is worth 5 stars! And there’s another book in the series! Hooray!!

Have you read Troubleshooter? Or another book of the Tim Rackley series? What’s your opinion of it? Let me know in the comments section!