Review: Gregg Hurwitz - The Program

Yesterday, I was able to continue doing what has been on my mind for quite some time now. Instead of reading parts of a series spread out, when I want to, I’m now trying to read it sooner. That way I get the full experience of the series.

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For that reason, I read The Program. It’s the second book in the Tim Rackley series I started reading a while ago. As I already pointed out, this series seems to lay out the foundation for Hurwitz’ Orphan X series. Which is fantastic, by the way. But now, are you ready? To… GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

I’m just kidding. I got no program for you. What I do have is a review!

In the beginning of this story, I was let down completely by our main character Tim. Tim Rackley, who has been mind-controlled in killing people in the previous instalment of the series, mentions that he’s had military training to not subdue to mind-control. I was like… What? Seriously. The arrogance of the character was so frustrating.

Then I read the rest of the book. It made up for the arrogance. Though I sometimes don’t feel like I know what Tim’s wife is doing in this series, I thought most of the characters were pretty legit. Even though the novel is kind of predictable, I was glad with the outcome and happy to have read it.

I rated The Kill Clause 4 stars. And I had good reasons too. I wanted to give this book the same rating but then I started comparing. And The Program is just not as good as its predecessor. Hence, I can only give it 3 stars. I am ready the next instalment, Troubleshooter, though. I’m sure this series is going to kick some ass in the last two chapters.