Review: Gregg Hurwitz - Last Shot

I’ve been out some time. Focusing on my sore neck rather than reading books. Now that I’m better, I went back to achieving my November goal. The next book on my list was Last Shot, the final part of the Tim Rackley series. After the great Troubleshooter, I was hoping for a great finish that could mount up to the spectacular Orphan X series. Here’s what I think of it.

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Like its predecessors, Last Shot contains a lot of emotion. But where the previous titles in the series were more about Rackley himself, this book provided an emotional tale about other characters. Apart from that, there was a lot of action and suspense in this story.

I love how Hurwitz was able to tie up some lose ends about Rackley. Where the previous books showed some predictability, this instalment held a lot of unforeseen twists. Like the one at the end. Go and read the book if you want more details.

As much as I like Hurwitz writing and the way you can see his evolution through his books, there was something missing in this story. Something that I did find in Troubleshooter. Maybe the problem here was that Rackley’s opponent merely had no feelings. And so it was harder to connect with him.

This book is not perfect. But that is not a problem. You can read this book and enjoy it still. There’s a lot going on. Many familiar faces pop up. A lot of spectacular twists. If you’ve read the other Rackley books, don’t forget to read this one. It ends the series with a bang. Worth 4 stars!

Have you read Last Shot or any of the Tim Rackley books? What’s your opinion about it? Leave a comment in the section below!